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Exercise’s Effects on Horses’ Back Dimensions and Saddle Fit

Horses’ muscles, particularly along the back, respond to exercise..

The Top Equine Medicine Studies of 2014

Scientific journals across the globe publish hundreds of horse-focused studies annually; one research database search produced more..

Equine Guelph’s Farm Fire Safety Tips

Equine Guelph has announced a list of farm safety tips for everyone looking to minimize fire risks on their properties or in their barns and stables.

Nutrient Digestibility in Healthy Adult and Senior Horses

Sure, age is just a number, but human doctors know that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to..

Nutrition as a Component of Equine Dental Care

A horse might be offered a diet of high-quality hay, for instance, but if he’s unable to chew and digest that food properly..

Hypovolemic Shock

Shock can be defined as a critical state of hypoperfusion (poor blood delivery) of tissues.

Eye Problems in Neonatal Foals

A healthy foal’s eye will be fully developed at birth and should look bright and..

Mistakes in Interpreting Diagnostic Analgesia

Diagnostic nerve blocks are a mainstay of lameness diagnosis, but they’re fraught with problems of reliability—some tests produce false positive results while others produce false negatives.

Drug Testing in Equine Prepurchase Evaluations

Drug screening can offer additional information pertaining to the horse’s ability to fit the buyer’s needs.

Age-Defying Donkeys

Meet Tessa, a 49-year-old Donkey living out her golden years at The Donkey Sanctuary, in Sidmouth, Devon, England.